My Best/ My Worst List

Part of keeping myself grounded and in reality of how great my world is, I’m stealing a page from The Champaign Diet and making my own When I’m At My Best/When I Feel My Worst List.

I recently wrote about my pillars of happiness and to know joy, you must also know what keeps you from it. I think documenting what makes you feel amazing and what triggers your sadness is soooo important for your sanity.

I used to think this was a rigid way to live, but in reality it is the opposite. Why do/watch/read something that will trigger you if you don’t have to? The lows are a great reminder of all the things that do not add value to your life.

I was recently on vacation and picked up the book, Every Last One. Little did I know I would cry the last 120 pages. I didn’t realize the book was about loss and depression, but now I know depressing books/movies/articles are not for me. I also know that no matter how I feel, nature and putting on some real pants automatically make me feel great.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 2.25.21 PM.png

Now that you guys know my highs and lows, what are yours?




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