End Of Summer Adventure

To close out an amazing summer of adventures, I met up with Slater in Toronto for five days and spent another five in a small and off the grid beach town in Quebec, called Metis Sur Mer.

This was my first trip to Toronto without a winter coat, so it felt like a completely different city! Toronto is really a great place, friendly people, beautiful neighborhoods and a ton of things to do. On other trips I’ve done the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium and Raptor’s games, but this trip was all about the distillery district, the waterfront, and the Blue Jays( and soon much Tim Hortons)!

Metis could really have its own post, but there is no picture or post that can capture just how special of a place it is. For starters, many of the cottages have been passed down for generations so family is everywhere. Many of the people I have met over the years have been family friends since their great grandparents started visiting.

The nicest part of visiting up there is how off the grid it is! Luckily where we stayed had some internet and cell reception, but the lack of high speed internet and a television felt so freeing.

Nature is such a happiness trigger, waking up to open windows and spending the majority of the day outside was exactly what I needed after a hot few days in Toronto.

Our days were filled with poutine, reading and hiking (the best trifecta). We hiked Bic National Park, Metis Park and walked the entire Metis Gardens. I can’t remember the day I have spent curled up with a book and nothing else to do, so this was a dream vacation!

The Toronto/Metis combination was great, we saw a ton of family and friends, got our Jay’s fix and got to really unwind for the beginning of a new semester.







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