Baker’s Bay with Bae

I have finally got around to writing and uploading my pictures from the Bahamas!

Originally, Slater and I had planned a trip around March, and it was just our luck there was a hurricane that shut down all island transportation. Luckily, we rescheduled and got our butt’s in the sand eventually.

Baker’s Bay is a paradise in the Abacos, only 45 minutes by flight.  Once we landed, Slater and I were immediately greeted by a smiling staff member waiting with a car to bring us to the dock where we’d get on a boat to the island.

Once we arrived at the marina, we were met with Baker’s Bay punch and we were officially in vacation mode! The first thing we did upon arrival was change into our bathing suits, grab some conch fritters and jump right into the perfectly crystal clear water!

The days seemed to morph into one another but our routine is always the same when we go. Wake up to the ocean, grab a quick breakfast, take a walk around the island, spend the rest of the morning at the beach club, eat lunch and snorkel by the house or take a swim in the pool until nap time.

While my golf career did not last long (6 holes throughout my life), occasionally I can be swayed to going barefoot to the driving range and having a drink (this not only welcome, but encouraged)! My favorite part of the island, surprising to almost no one, is the Sip Sip a golf resting stop to many, candy shop to me. After a day in the sun, sometimes you just need an old fashion glass bottle Cola and a handful of gummies.

There is no place more beautiful or perfect to go for a long relaxing weekend. From the staff to the guests, there are only smiles.





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