The Challenge: Find Your Joy

If someone asked me a year ago to define joy, I would have said it was a lie society fed us. With maturity and longing for a happier life, joy has become the center of my world.

I never felt like I was part of any one group in high school and throughout college I continued to float around, never finding that one place or one group. When I realized I needed to “individualize” as my therapist put it, I put myself up for the challenge to find joy in everyday.

The starting point was me having no clue what could possibly make me happy when I was so utterly sad. The challenge only had one rule: Even if you do not feel like it, try anyway.

The first day, I went to a little park by my house in the 100 degree weather and stared at boats for two hours. I came home sweaty and tired, but I felt something that had left me for so long, joy. From there, nature became a happiness trigger and the challenge to find joy became the best part of my day.

The saying don’t sweat the small stuff, because everything is the small stuff is the mentality I have tried to take. There are days my joy comes from the smallest places. Some days are shitty and it’s playing Candy Crush and rapping along to an amazing playlist that make me feel joy.

By finding joy in my day, I’m finding joy for my life in so many unexpected ways. With only my own mental health to go off of, I challenge you to find your joy. Buy a bath bomb from Lush and treat yourself. Take the scenic route because you like it. Look at what makes you happy and let yourself get stoked!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.34.15 PM.png



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