Celebration List

I have always been a list person. From the grocery store to walking out the door I have an eternal to-do list. Recently, feeling like I could never cross anything off, I decided to switch my list around.

OBVIOUSLY, I have things to do everyday. School is a battlefield where grenades known as 8-page history papers and projects are consistently dodged my way. On my days off I pretend/promise myself I’ll go to the post office, donate clothing, clean my apartment and be an actual adult. Well… that is not usually how it goes. By the end of the day I feel guilty for just barely crossing a single item off my list.

A celebration list celebrates all that I have done. I’m not very picky on what my list focuses on, but it changes and evolves daily. Maybe I didn’t go grocery shopping, but I spoke up in class when I felt intimidated. Maybe I didn’t clean out my closet, but I folded my laundry and actually put it away. Celebrating the smallest things has improved my life in a big way.

At night, I rest my head with a grateful heart. I feel good with all that I have accomplished and squash that voice of being defeated by the day.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 8.31.42 AM


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