Weekend In The City

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This weekend was supposed to be spent in the Bahamas and this post was supposed to be all about what to pack for a tropical getaway, but due to a tropical storm, Slater and I are headed to New York City!

If there is one thing to know about me, it’s that I am a devout New Yorker no matter where I may currently be living. I love all the people watching, the streetwear culture and most of all, THE PIZZA!!!┬áMaybe I’m bias from growing up right outside of the city, but find me a more diverse city with more to do at any given time and we’ll chat.

As a ride or die city slicker, I can assure you what you wear needs to be as diverse as the city itself. From running errands uptown to grabbing drinks downtown at a rooftop bar, comfort and style are a personal must!