PSA: Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

I love watching stand up, going on hikes and hanging out with my friends… that is unless I am depressed. When you have depression and anxiety, the things you once found fun are hard to even find at all. Ever since I can remember, I have been a worrier and always struggling with an irrational inner voice that has told me I am not worthy, I am full of flaws and that people will leave me if given the opportunity. Saying you have depression or anxiety, is like coming of the closet that most people are in but the stigma surrounding mental health make it seem shameful to admit.

My social media accounts are full of pictures of my puppy, amazing food and snapshots of my travels. From an outside view, there are no panic attacks, no wresting with the evil voice inside my head and certainly no traces of anxiety or depression. It’s easy to feel that you must portray that persona all of the time and the closest thing to a mental breakdown that’s allowed is an inspiring quote and a Pinterest board dedicated to Gloria Steinem quotes.

Once and for all, I want to kick depression and anxiety’s butt. I am tired of being tired and know I can live a life full adventures and excitement with the right help. I am done feeling shameful that I need help and encourage anyone feeling this way to fight the urge to stay in bed and give yourself the opportunity to get help!


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