Goal Digger

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With switching jobs, the semester coming to an end and finals, I have been too busy to ask myself how I am doing with all the changes around me. On the surface, school is going pretty amazing, things with my boyfriends are going well and my new job situation could not be better. Usually when there is change in my life, I can be found in fetal position in my bed crying but this time around, I am controlling as much (or actually as little) as I can.

With all of these new changes, it just felt like it was finally time to give myself some new long term and short term goals. My new mantra on life is “it’s awesome to blossom”. So much of the time society tells us it’s lame to be excited but my overall goal is to be more stoked! Just because it’s not new year’s doesn’t mean its too late to be a better you!

My Goals:

Read a book

Go to the beach more

Save money

Learn more about being zen

Get back to doing art

Give back

Get healthy (cut back on all the Delivery Dudes)

Try a new type of yoga

Speak my mind when I need to

Write at least once a week

Travel more




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